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Heart Attack Signs in Women

Most people associate heart attack symptoms with a heavy chest pain that radiates down one arm. Although this could be the most common heart attack symptom, the first signs will often not resemble what many individuals associate with heart attacks at all, particularly among women.


Make Heart Health A Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Many people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions each year because they focus too much on short-term or superficial goals. Picking a broader goal of improving your heart health will make it easier for you to stay focused and make progress toward a happier more productive you.

Living a heart-healthy lifestyle will naturally bring a fitter trimmer you with a sharper mind and more energy. As a bonus, it will deliver more years to enjoy the new you.

You want to look better, feel better and live a richer fuller life, make heart health a part of your New Year resolutions. Here are a few suggestions on where you can start.




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Heart Health


Leg Pain, Swelling, Discoloration and Abnormal Veins



 Leg cramping, aching, swelling, visible veins, skin irritation, sores and ulcers can be due to varicose veins.


Heart Attack – What should you know?

Heart attacks – Facts, statistics and how to keep them at bay!

Amongst the most common health issues that affect people all over the world, heart attacks or cardiovascular diseases are perhaps the most typically prevailing ones, deeming it all the more necessary for people to learn how to stop heart attack. These are basically a form of ischemic heart disease, which are known to be amongst the leading causes of death worldwide. When a person suffers from a heart attack, it is basically the blood supply to part of his or her heart that gets interrupted. As a result, there is a severe shortage of oxygen, which causes major damage to the heart tissue, and has the tendency to kill it as well.


Red Wine – Good or Bad for Your Heart?

Red Wine – Good or Bad guy?       
Wine is perhaps the most sophisticated form of alcohol, viewed as an expensive drink to be had sparingly at fancy parties, savored glass by glass.  Red and white wine are extremely different, but there isn’t a set argument as to whether one is better than the other. However, there are rumors that alcohol in small quantities – specifically red wine – may actually benefit your health. You’ve heard about how excessive drinking is bad for your health; it causes liver damage, inhibits your senses, and can lead to poor decisions and life-altering accidents.  Binge drinking every night is not encouraged, but rather warned against.  


Don’t be moody, your Heart does not like it

Depression after a heart attack

Have you or a loved one ever suffered from a heart attack or heart disease?  Have you ever suffered from depression?  Well, it just may be that depression and such heart problems are related.  For instance, it’s three times as likely that you’ll get depression after a heart attack than you would normally.  Fifteen to twenty percent of those who have suffered a heart attack are later diagnosed with depression; larger numbers also exhibit some symptoms of depression that does not meet the cut off for a diagnosis as such.


Sex and Heart

Testosterone, balding and heart

Men get heart disease ten years before women normally do.  Why is this?  Some suggest that men’s higher level of testosterone is the cause; some doctors suspect that there is a link between testosterone and heart disease.