Heart Attack – What should you know?

Heart attacks – Facts, statistics and how to keep them at bay!

Amongst the most common health issues that affect people all over the world, heart attacks or cardiovascular diseases are perhaps the most typically prevailing ones, deeming it all the more necessary for people to learn how to stop heart attack. These are basically a form of ischemic heart disease, which are known to be amongst the leading causes of death worldwide. When a person suffers from a heart attack, it is basically the blood supply to part of his or her heart that gets interrupted. As a result, there is a severe shortage of oxygen, which causes major damage to the heart tissue, and has the tendency to kill it as well.

 Risk factors for heart attacks
There are many risk factors associated with the prevalence of heart attacks. A few of them are:

  Having previously suffered from a heart attack or stroke

 Heart attack statistics

Cardiovascular diseases truly are one of America’s leading health issues – and a leading cause of death as well. Research shows that nearly one out of every three deaths is caused by a heart attack. Considering the larger picture, it is believed that 250,000 Americans die on a yearly basis because of Sudden Cardiac Death. This means. That 680 people die of this condition on A DAILY BASIS, and one half of these deaths are of individuals who are under 65-years of age!

At the moment, amongst all of the Americans who are alive right now, around 7.9 million are those who have suffered from a heart attack, and nearly 80 million of all Americans suffer from one or more types of cardiovascular diseases