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Obesity and your heart

Obesity – One of the worst epidemics around!

Obesity is a disease that has the potential to wreak havoc in one’s life as it leads to various diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, sleep apnea and high blood pressure. There are about 60 million people in the United States who suffer from it. Studies suggest that more than one-third of women whose ages are between 20 and 74 tend to be obese. The reason? Well, the increased inclination towards eating pre-packaged foods, fast foods, junk foods and our hectic lives not making it possible for us to live an active life!


Everything you need to know about Cholesterol

The association between Cholesterol and Heart Diseases

About 2600 Americans die of varying types of cardiovascular diseases every single day. That means one person dies every 34 seconds. With 7.1 million Americans having already suffered from a heart attack, the condition is widespread. The worst part is, a lot of times those who survive through a heart attack move on to have another one later on in life. However, these statistics can easily be reduced if we acquire a basic understanding of cholesterol, what it is, and how it is associated with heart diseases.