You Apple Watch Can Do A Lot – Part 2

But Your Doctor is Still Vital

The American Heart Association raves about the ECG app monitor on the Apple Watch. However, cardiologists are cautious.

False Positives Cause Worry

Any medical monitoring device used without the supervision of a medical professional may not be perfect. There is a possibility of false alerts. After receiving a warning from the ECG app, the wearer may panic and rush to the emergency room even if they are healthy and undergo unnecessary and expensive tests.

A user may also ignore a valid alert due to false alerts or ignore symptoms because there was no alert. Trusting that the monitoring system is perfect can cause a health risk.

Not Everyone’s Heart Health is the Same

Even if the ECG is reliable, it does not take differences in individual’s health into consideration. The Apple Watch will alert to a low heart rate. Take into consideration a serious athlete versus an average person. The heart rate of the athlete will be lower and potentially cause alerts even though it is actually normal for that person.

Use Your Technology in Partnership with Your Doctor

Many people get excited about using remote heart monitoring apps to track their health. However, it is essential to consult the doctors at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, P.A if you have any questions about your heart health. If you do use the Apple Watch ECG monitor, the data collected may help your doctor in making the most informed medical decisions.

If you track your health through an Apple Watch, be sure to update your doctor if there are any changes you’re concerned about. Carolina Heart & Leg Center, P.A. is here to create a personalized prevention or treatment plan for you. Learn more by visiting our website at

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