My Mom Has Varicose Veins…Will I Have Them Too?

If you think of stretched and bulging veins when asked for your family’s medical history, you may begin to become concerned that varicose veins are hereditaryVaricose veins are veins that swell when the vein’s valves leak, causing blood to flow backward and pool in the veinThe vein walls weaken and stretch. 

Are Varicose Veins Inherited? 

Your chances of developing varicose veins increases by 40% if one of your parents has themIf both your parents have varicose veins, your chances are now 90%Therefore, varicose veins could be geneticVenous insufficiency, damaged valves that cannot pump blood back to the heart against gravity and the underlying cause of varicose veins, is not specifically linked to an inherited geneHowever, other inherited conditions may contribute to varicose veins. 


If your parents have varicose veins, it does not mean you should accept your fate that you may tooPrevention can overcome even your parents’ varicose veinsAn exam at Carolina Heart Leg Center, P.A. is the first step to preventing varicose veinsThe doctors will suggest healthy lifestyle changes to improve your circulation 

Take frequent walks, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and maintain a healthy weightTell your doctor if you smoke or drink alcohol because these are major contributors to poor circulationKeep in mind, even if your parents do not have varicose veins, you are not in the clear, so keep up a healthy lifestyle and talk to a doctor. 

Whether you currently have varicose veins or you want to learn more about preventing them, the doctors at Carolina Heart Leg Center, P.A. are here to help. Our staff can answer your questions about varicose vein prevention and treatment. Contact us today at 910-491-1760 and put your health in good hands. 

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