Book Your Flight! Vacations Really Can Improve Heart Health!

Workers caught up in the rat race take only half the vacation time they have earnedWhile there is nothing wrong with working hard, it is important to remember the benefits of rest 

Vacations Promote Health 

Studies show that people who take at least one vacation a year reduce the risk of death from heart disease by 30%Working hard, day after day is stressfulStress makes it harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle by feeding bad habits and health risks, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, overeating, physical inactivity, smoking, and self-medicating with alcohol. 

One of the best stress relievers is a relaxing vacationTake time to catch up on much-needed sleep and take time for yourself to exercise or relax, to lower your risk of heart diseaseAlso, after a refreshing break, it is easier to keep up a healthy lifestyle every day. 

Work Around Vacation 

Coming home from a vacation to work piled up can undo all that relaxationYou may find it easier to take short vacations more often instead of long getawaysLimit your time on the phone and email while goneIf needed, schedule away messages on your phone and email, so your colleagues know you are away and when to expect you backPlan time when you are back to catch up on workAlso, be sure to plan your next vacation! 

If you have any health concerns, address them with an exam at Carolina Heart & Leg Center, P.A. Then book your flight for a well-earned, heart-healthy vacation. 

Your vacation days dont just get you out of the office — they give you the opportunity to better your heart health. At Carolina Heart & Leg Center, P.A., we can provide tips for improving or maintaining your heart health even when youre not on vacation. To make an appointment with us, call 910-491-1760 or fill out our online appointment request form. 

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