Help Your Heart…One Dog Walk At A Time

They say dogs are man’s best friend. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog, but dogs can literally heal the heartAccording to the American Heart Association, owning a dog decreases the risk of heart disease 

Here are the reasons a dog makes your heart healthy: 


Every dog requires exercise and so do youLeashing up gives you the opportunity to get the suggested 30 minutes of daily walking to lower your chances of heart disease. 

Lower Blood Pressure   

Dog owners have shown to have lower blood pressure than their dog-less counterpartsResearch suggests that simply petting a dog lowers blood pressure. 


Dogs also calm their ownersPetting a dog releases relaxation hormones and reduces stress in the bodyThe heart rate and blood pressure of dog owners is known to remain lower and return to normal faster during stress. 

Be Social   

Dog owners love to talk about their dogs, just ask oneGetting out and being social is good for both your mental and physical healthResearch has found that people who feel isolated and lonely are more likely to have a heart attack or strokeSo, take your dog out and make friends. 

Remember, dogs require work and responsibility as well as loveJumpstart dog ownership and visit the doctors at Carolina Heart Leg Center, P.A. for your healthiest heart. 

Your pups positive effects on your heart is something to consider when talking with your doctor about your health and exercise regimen. At Carolina Heart Leg Center, P.A. we are dedicated to providing patients with expert knowledge and the highest standard of care. Contact us today at 910-491-1760 and put your health in good hands.  

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