Heart Palpitations

The doctors at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, PA are experts of the heart.  The cardiologists monitor heart palpitations and any abnormality.  Do not assume they are normal until having them checked out by a cardiologist.

What is Palpitations

Heart palpitations is the feeling that the heart is fluttering, pounding, skipping, or beating fast.  The palpitations can be felt in the chest or throat.  Often, they only last a few seconds.  If palpitations occur frequently or worsen, see a cardiologist at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, PA as soon as possible.


Heart palpitations may have numerous causes.  Some trigger are from exercise, stress, or strong emotional responses like anxiety, depression, or panic attacks.  Other causes are the use of some medications, stimulants like caffeine, fever, hormonal changes like menopause and pregnancy or abnormal thyroid hormones. 

See a Doctor

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience chest pain, fainting, dizziness, or severe shortness of breath with palpitations.  If you have a diagnosed heart condition, see a doctor at once.

Without seeing a cardiologist, it is impossible to know if the cause is harmless or indicative of an underlying medical condition.  Heart palpitations may be the sign of abnormal heart rhythm, called arrhythmia, and require treatment.  The only way to know if your heart is healthy is to see the doctors at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, PA.  Heart monitoring tests can diagnose any heart issues associated with heart palpitations.

Dr. Saini and his team of specialists can diagnose and treat all conditions of the heart and vascular system. Carolina Heart And Leg Center, P.A. offers the latest cardiology services which include cardiac diagnostic testing, cutting-edge technology for arrhythmia, and non-surgical approaches to vascular disease. 

We are dedicated to serving our patients in a caring and supportive atmosphere with expert knowledge, patient education, and the highest standard of care. Contact us today at (910) 491- 1760 and put your heart health in good hands. 

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