What Exactly Does The Heart Do

The heart sits just behind your ribs on the left side of your body. It is a fist-sized muscle in your chest and the center of the circulatory system. It pumps blood throughout the body, delivering oxygen and carrying waste.

Chambers of the Heart

There are four chambers of the heart, two on the top and two on the bottom. The top two called atria to handle blood returning from the body. Ventricles are the two chambers on the bottom. These move blood back to the lungs and body. Valves allow blood into the heart, through the chambers, and out again. Each works like a door, opening to allow blood through and closing behind so no blood travels backward. Together, the chambers and valves work as a team when the heart beats, continually transporting blood throughout the body.

The Importance of Oxygen

Muscles and organs need oxygen in order to function. Arteries transfer oxygenated blood from the heart to the body. Oxygen keeps cells alive and functioning. Veins bring blood carrying carbon dioxide and waste away from organs and muscles and back toward the heart and lungs. Each beat of the heart moves blood through the arteries and veins, keeping the body and cells functioning.

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