Your Heart and Exercising in the Summer Heat

Summer has begun, which means exercise and swimsuit season.  However, exercising in the summer heat makes for a dangerous combination.  If you do not regularly exercise and are beginning, it is best to consult the doctors at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, P.A.  Inactivity can aggravate medical conditions and heart problems that make exercising dangerous.


Exercising increases the muscles need for oxygen.  At the same time, heat limits the heart’s ability to supply oxygen to the body.  Heat causes the body to sweat in order to cool down.  Fluid levels in the body drop while sweating, which lowers blood pressure.  The heart then must work harder to keep blood flowing.  Low blood pressure means lower oxygen levels to the body.  The combination of lower blood pressure and strain on the heart is dangerous.

Strain on the heart

The heart also strains to pump blood to the surface of the skin to aid with cooling down. When the body cannot cool down, heat stroke can damage the heart and other organs.  For someone with a heart or medical condition, further damage or stress on the heart from the heat is dangerous.

Consult a doctor

Before exercising in the summer heat, consult the doctors at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, P.A. A physical checkup will help the doctors create a safe exercise plan, which takes into consideration your physical condition, age, history and existing medical conditions.

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