How Does Exercise Help Heart Disease?

With warmer weather and swimsuit season around the corner, many people are getting ready to exercise.  Exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone but is especially crucial for those with cardiovascular issues. Five major risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, smoking, obesity and an inactive lifestyle.  Exercise may improve four out of the five risk factors.

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise promotes fat and weight loss, builds muscle mass, and reduces stress. It prevents heart disease from worsening, lowers blood pressure, and speeds the recovery from a heart attack.  The good cholesterol that moves fat away from arteries to the liver increases and the bad cholesterol that contributes to heart disease decreases.  Exercise also prevents blood clots and improves circulation.

Beginning Exercise

Less than one-third of all Americans get the minimal amount of exercise recommended by the American Heart Association.  To gain the benefits of exercise, it is essential to get out and move.  More important, though, is to get checked by the doctors at Carolina Heart and Leg Center, PA before exercise because of the added strain on the circulatory system.  If you have not regularly worked out, have a medical condition or are at risk for heart problems, regular exercise before seeing a doctor is dangerous.  Carolina Heart and Leg Center, PA doctors will start you on the best path with a healthy exercise plan depending on your physical ability, age and family history.

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