Did You Know that Unhealthy Veins Can Lead to Unhealthy Legs?

Summertime means shorts or dresses and reminds us that varicose and spider veins are unappealing.

Spider veins are thin blue veins under the skin and are mostly cosmetic. Nonetheless, they indicate poor circulation and the possible formation of varicose veins. Varicose veins are the stretched and bulging veins where blood pools because the valves do not work properly. Although both are relatively minor, ignoring them can make the problem worse and turn into vein disease.

If Ignored, Spider and Varicose Veins Can Lead to Unhealthy Legs

Vein disease can cause fullness, fatigue, pressure, painful cramping, and aches in the legs. Swelling in the lower leg at the end of the day is common. The ankles experience inflammation, itching, and possible ulcers. Skin changes in texture, thickness, and color are noticeable. Unhealthy legs are a warning of other long-term health risks including deep vein thrombosis, poor circulation, and blood clots. Spider and varicose veins can suggest possible future problems.

Carolina Heart and Leg Center, P.A. Offers Treatment To Remove Them

Treatment in the Carolina Heart and Leg Center, P.A. vein clinic includes laser therapy and sclerotherapy, allowing patients to avoid invasive surgery. Patients can return to normal activities the same day as treatment. Doctors may also prescribe graduated leg stockings to sufferers standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Removing both spider and varicose veins helps maintain healthier legs. Healthy legs make it easier to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle.

If left untreated, varicose or spider veins may worsen over time and become a more serious condition. Our practice offers procedures that can treat varicose and spider veins without surgery or scars. Contact Carolina Heart And Leg Center, P.A. today at (910) 491-1760 and schedule a consultation to see how we can restore the health and beauty of your legs.