The Number One Killer of Women – Part 2

With heart disease being the leading killer of women, it’s necessary to know and manage your risk factors for a better chance of leading a heart-healthy life.

What are some of the psychological and social factors that may contribute to the risk for CHD in women?

Psychosocial risk factors like stress, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety and lack of social support contribute to the risk of developing CHD in women.

Does CHD kill more women than breast cancer does?

Yes. Though breast cancer is the most feared disease among women, statistics show that CHD kills five times more women than breast cancer.

Are African-American women at an even greater risk for CHD than white women?

African-Americans have more heart attack risk factors than white women. The risk factors include obesity, family history, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Is there any other facet about CHD in women that should be addressed?

Finding out the health of your heart should be a priority in your life. Early diagnosis through regular tests and being aware of the warning signs are critical to helping reduce the incidence of CHD.

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